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May 14, 2009
4:16 PM EDT
This is more good news for the Linux desktop. A more capable machine for less money will attract more people who have never considered Ubuntu or any other Linux distro before.

Me... I'm waiting for some of the new ARM based models. I have an 8.9" display and an 80GB HDD. The processor I have is the same as in the new Dell. That wouldn't be much of an upgrade for me.

I also don't want bigger and heavier. 10" screens are nice for people who don't like itty bitty things. I want the smallest, lightest unit that can get the job done for me. Some of the new ARM based machines not only boast long battery life but they return to the 7" screen and weigh in at under 2 lbs. That's what I want.

May 15, 2009
8:21 PM EDT
Quoting:Me... I'm waiting for some of the new ARM based models.

Then you'd better be good at reading Spanish (if you wondered: I'm not). I think the next might have some influence the coming year (first one with solar cells!):

Forgot to mention it's MIPS, not ARM meaning it's slow, but the good thing is it comes from probably the first netbook manufacturer beyond influence of Microsoft (meaning they won't sell out like OLPC, Asus etc. before).

What 'bout this: (Google translated it)

Quoting:iUnika is the first and only manufacturer of the hardware world that has pledged to use only free software on all its products.

May 16, 2009
12:37 PM EDT
Interesting, Hans, thanks for pointing that one out.

It's good to see that the number of Linux machines (netbooks and others) being brought to market is increasing. I keep reading how Linux netbooks are dead and yet more and more keep appearing :) The MIPS processor is an interesting choice. I'd love to give that machine a try if it comes to the US market and the price is reasonable.

May 20, 2009
11:49 PM EDT
Thanks again for the link. I'm using it in my new article about the netbook market for O'Reilly.

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