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May 19, 2009
8:43 AM EDT
I think you should remove the word " best " From the description I understand that re-imaging will not work unless your root partition is sda1 So, mine is sda5, and thus I can not use it

Where does : best : come in ?

Why the re-imaging section of the program will *NOT* work for you:

1. Your using LVM.

2. Your using UUID instead of the traditional naming scheme: /dev/sdX

(Simply modify /etc/fstab and /boot/grub/menu.lst to solve this problem. Mephisto should search for this)

3. The root partition is not /dev/sda1.

4. Your using a different filesystem than ext2 or ext3.

(Code can be changed in 1 second to support the rest.)

5. Your not using Arch Linux, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu or basically an operating system that uses something else besides mkinitcpio, mkinitrd, or mkinitramfs to generate a kernel initrd image.

6. You have old kernels and initrd images in /boot. Please remove them before backing up your system and creating a live cd.

(Mephisto v1.5+ scans for multiple initrd’s and warns the user)

May 19, 2009
11:02 AM EDT
" best " is a mater of perception, and your use.

"Clonezilla" my favorite, does not support as yet 1. an restore backup ISO 2. backing up the system only 3. restoring the OS partition to a computer with a different architecture/hardware and have it work.

When Mephisto achieves the the functionally Clonezilla has already with these extra options, I may give it a try.


May 19, 2009
1:42 PM EDT
I typically use straight partimage for most of my imaging needs.

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