The customer is always right (and I'm not)

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Jun 01, 2009
5:52 PM EDT
What I failed to communicate when writing the article about 'Linux doesn't need marketing', is that it especially is the view of the ones who DO market Linux-devices, and it's not especially _my_ view.

However, both Google, nowadays Intel, LiMo, Philips, TiVo, Sony; they are all Linux-customers. When their view seems to be Linux doesn't need marketing and given their reasons (which is not written anywhere except for LiMo, it's just a logical conclusion when watching their behaviour), I thought "Yes, they're right".

The discussions that evolved over here gives good arguments why Linux - as a general brand - _does_ need marketing. Introduction in classes at schools, brand awareness, awareness of an alternative, that's the kind of things which are important, and to a certain degree I do agree. However, as I tried to explain, lack of general Linux-brand marketing it's not the most important thing that's holding Linux back right now.

Back to the customer is right:

"Always connected", "Instant On", "3D graphics", "Always on", "Built in GPS", "Intuitive interface", "Full Web browsing", "easy to share", "Rich Multimedia", as what does that sound to you?

If your first thought is "Linux" you're right. But they don't mention it. Nor do they mention their own name, like Intel likes to do (Intel inside). No, they know their customers. They know their customers don't care about freaking names they (may have) never heard before. They know their customers care about a smart netbook which is characterized by; well, the list mentioned above.

Now wait what the next 'itrunsbetterwithwindows' response will be (hosted[1] with GPL sofware[2] and not Silverlight, noticed?) Wannasee the 2 min Linux-advertisement that doesn't mention Linux nor the company itself? It's here:

[1] [2]

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