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Aug 01, 2009
6:59 PM EDT
Quoting:One statement should give software patent activists such as the Free Software Foundation pause: "Similarly, the absence of harmonized patent laws makes it more difficult to ensure consistent respect for patent rights." The FSFE has been warning at regular intervals that software patents could start making their way into Europe in the guise of "harmonization."

Harmonisation, as used by these sorts, invariably means the other countries need to make their "Intellectual monopoly rights" laws as draconian and innovation unfriendly as those of the US, never, never that the US should bring their "Intellectual monopoly rights" laws into line with countries that have more reasonable laws.

Aug 02, 2009
8:31 AM EDT
Leviathan grows.

Slow or fast, it grows.

Aug 02, 2009
2:54 PM EDT
They tried it over and over here in the EU - especially with lobbying from MS, but failed every time.

Aug 02, 2009
5:00 PM EDT
That's the problem hkwint. They only need to succeed once. We need to succeed every time. Until the US reforms it system that's not going to change. They're going to keep trying and we will need to succeed every time.

Aug 03, 2009
1:00 PM EDT
Well, I did hope that there would be some change of thinking in this look at some of the Cabinet appointments fairly well assured me that this administration will be business as usual.

Give 'em vague promises, tell 'em you understand their problems and coin a couple three or four-letter catch phrases and an uninformed, robotic, uninterested, Dancing-With-The-Stars society will launch you into power every time.

Sander...I don't know what it is going to take, aside from bloody revolt. Besides, you are dealing with Americans here. As a whole, we are so disconnected from what is really important that it is laughable to think that a ground swell of any sort will take place.

Cancel the top two reality shows and you might make a stir...

This is what you are dealing with when you deal with American Political Awareness. Caution...Sit well back from the monitor when viewing this. 10 IQ points will drop for every 3 inches you are too close.

And If I hear one more person pronounce the word "food" as "fewwd", I am going to spot-weld their frigging mouth shut.



Aug 03, 2009
1:45 PM EDT
> one look at some of the Cabinet appointments fairly well assured me that this administration will be business as usual.

There are guys like Carl Shapiro, who has been very critical of the Microsoft settlement, and Joseph Farrell. It depends a lot on how influential they will be.

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