Sounds to me like he is just delegating..

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Dec 17, 2009
5:46 PM EDT
Sounds to me like he is just delegating some responsibilities to the COO. If anyone thinks he is not going to have his hand in any pie he wants either inside of Ubuntu or Canonical is crazy..

Dec 17, 2009
6:04 PM EDT
Scott, it's much more serious than that. The real Mark Shuttleworth has been abducted by space aliens. I'm sure I saw that at the supermarket checkout... or maybe it was Elvis. Anyway, he's been replaced by a fake Mark Shuttleworth who is controlled by Microsoft (or is it a microwave? I forget...) using their nefarious mind control beam. Ubuntu is doomed.

Dec 17, 2009
6:11 PM EDT
LOL!!! Almost spewed coffee all over my monitor thanks to you..;-)

Dec 17, 2009
7:44 PM EDT

Sadly, there are those in the world who spout very similar nonsense, and expect their listeners to believe them.

Dec 18, 2009
2:21 PM EDT
@gus3: I could make some comments about things said by radio talk show hosts here in the States but it would be a TOS violation for sure.

Besides, he's not delegating, he's just pining for the fjords.

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