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Jan 11, 2010
5:37 AM EDT
The first thing to do is make sure you have a recent versions of libgpod, libusb, usbmuxd, libplist, libiphone, and ifuse installed.

Strange, after reading the article I though the first step would be to get rid of the iPod or iPhone.

I know most devices require a proprietary OS to sync or update, but Apple seems to go out of their way to lock every user of iAnything into more Apple kit. Why bother with such a control freakish outfit? Smartphones galore. Mp3 players galore.

Then again, you can't claim iAmSpecial if you don't own Apple kit ;).

(To be honest though, the author tells us his piece of Apple kit was a gift. I'd say a headache wrapped in festive paper and given with the best intentions.)

Jan 11, 2010
7:17 AM EDT
Quoting:Strange, after reading the article I though the first step would be to get rid of the iPod or iPhone.

That, and I speak from experience, is the best advice, forget the rest, Apple don't want Linux users. I just got the insurance chegue for my iPhone, I dropped it on the concrete.... oops, and I will not be getting an iPhone to replace it.

Jan 11, 2010
10:36 AM EDT
I thought the first thing to do was to kill all the lawyers?

Nothing personal, Dino, I just read that somewhere. Oh yeah, "Tyrant lo Blanque", very interesting book.

Jan 11, 2010
11:11 AM EDT
Shakespeare is usually credited with that quote in Henry VI. It's a joke among (at least some) lawyers.

Jan 11, 2010
1:21 PM EDT
I know about the Shakespeare quip. Two crooks saying "if we get caught the lawyers will have our skins", "So, first thing, kill all the lawyers!"

Tyrant came across a city in terrible trouble. There were so many lawyers that had so tied the community's issues in knots that the people could do almost nothing.

Tyrant entered the city, killed all but two of the lawyers and hung their bodies outside the gates as a warning. Those two lawyers were left to argue all the cases.

The people hailed Tyrant as a hero and showered him with adulation.

(paraphrased from memory, but it's very close. I read it in 1987 and never finished the book, it is just too bloody long.)

Anyway, just a quick joke, no meaning to hijack the thread, will shut up now, etc.

Jan 11, 2010
2:04 PM EDT
Two of my friends ended up with having something from Apple they didn't bought for themselves.

The first - a friend - had a father who found an iPod on the street. Of course, if you find such a thing of more than $150 on the street you don't complain. Nonetheless, I ended up helping him to 'crack' the thing and transfer music to / from the portable music player in ways Apple probably didn't intend. Having used pirated Windows + pirated tons of other software for quite some years, it wasn't really difficult when I found the right warez. Then he was happy, because he could use the thing 'just like any mp3-player'. Yet another happy Apple-customer, huh?

The second was my sister (not aggressive at all BTW), she bought it for her friend. But for some reason he wasn't able to use it, so he gave it back. Then, my sister ended up being so frustrated with the thing, she really wanted to break it. Just throwing it away wasn't good enough. It was a Nano, so it took a hammer to damage it up to the point where my sister was satisfied.

I also understood the ear-pods of the iShizzle isn't all that great either. Now, I have quite some experience with those in-ear earphones. A lot of them tend to break quite fast. All cheap ones don't break, but they're just a pile of cr... when it comes to sound quality. The one of Philips I once owned had great sound, but the spring-mechanism to wind the thread wasn't well connected. Another two of the Sony-earphones I had in the Walkman-era were really good as well, until the rubber broke of, which always happened. Now I bought some new sony's, two of them, and once again one of the two broke, just bad plastic. But nonetheless, if I understand correctly, all the broken stuff I owned still had better sound quality then the Apple cruft. Anyone experience in this field with the 'Apple' earphones?

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention the angry mob when Apple tied other software to Quicktime etc. My sister was really p... o... again after I showed her how many Apple-cr.. was on her Win-pc after she installed the software she thought the Nano needed to work. Almost turned the Win-PC in a legal hackintosh!

But when you're on a terrace in Aachen - like I was two years and a half ago - at least people ask you about your new shiny 'MacBook' when they see it. Of course, that MacBook wasn't mine, but belonged to the girl sitting at the table next to me. So if you want some attention, buy the newest iCruft and show it in the summer, a good way to start a conversation with someone who would otherwise ignore you I guess.

And also I know people who are really fond of their iPhone and don't need a computer anymore. So it's not all trouble and misfortune Apple is causing. Otherwise they wouldn't be so profitable I guess.

Myself, I have looked into turning my PC in a Hackintosh. I wanted to try to write some 'Hello world' for an iPhone (without owning an iPhone, but I read that's not a problem), after I read someone earned $250k in two months by some little game he wrote. But you need a Mac (Mac OS X) to develop for the iPhone. And the cheapest Mac was $600, far more than on my bank account at that particular time. You can't just buy Mac OS X and run it on your computer, even though perfectly technically feasible. Now, how great is that? Pretty sure Steve Jobs doesn't bounce over the podium shouting something about Developers. They have enough of them anyway, they don't want no stinkin' Linux-using developers. I guess at Cupertino they abbreviate Linux-users to L-users.

At least, when you want Windows, you can try some 'Beta' for free - and if you like it, buy the full version of this 'freeware'. Yeah, gotta love Microsoft. When you compare to Apple, that is.

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