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Jan 13, 2010
2:47 PM EDT
OK, I am sick to death of the way blogspot mangles code when I post it, and the way it syndicates is absolutely horrible. Setting up my own on my domain is out of the question as living in bush Alaska limits me to a satellite connection with an draconian bandwidth limit. 4 gigs a month and US $100.00 a gig after that.

So the question is, looking for somewhere that I can move my blatherings that, in order or importance, A: doesnt mangle code B: syndicates without mangling posts. C: free service (ad driven is OK but annoying)

Just looking for any suggestions.


Jan 13, 2010
3:07 PM EDT
Have you looked at (the free blog-hosting WordPress service)?

Jan 13, 2010
4:02 PM EDT
az: What kind of content is your blatherings about? I run several Wordpress-MU installations of my own, one of which is just a general personal blog type thing. Won't get you millions of page views though as it's only a small site with less than 100 users, so if you need to "get read", you may need to do some propagation of your own. ;)

Jan 13, 2010
4:16 PM EDT
@CB I'll take a look

@jacog blogspot is fine for my opinions and rantings, but for technical stuff its horrid. So mostly just for scripts, how-to's, or anything else that might contain snippets of code or configurations. For self advertisement I'm not terribly worried, either others find it of interest or not and google handles most of that fairly well. However on rare occasions I have posted things that took off well beyond any expectation, so making sure that the infrastructure is there for it would be nice. Having made the digg top 10 twice now, I have learned A: people pick up on the oddest things, and B: thats a lot of frakin hits in a really short period of time.

It's not that I am a prolific poster, at most 15 to 20 posts a year usually.

Jan 13, 2010
5:26 PM EDT
OK, wont work, searched a variety of potentially likely blogs, and either the membership is clueless or they have the same problem with code snippets as blogspot. Beginning to think the only solution might be a wiki, which sucks when used as a blog.

Jan 13, 2010
10:39 PM EDT
Since you only post 15 to 20 posts per year, then instead of using blogging software, why don't you just sign up at a free or cheap Web hosting provider and create static HTML pages of your posts?

Jan 13, 2010
11:23 PM EDT
Option 2, stay with blogspot and put links in to a pastebin with an option to never delete.


Jan 14, 2010
12:06 AM EDT
Sigh indeed, it doesn't seem like basic HTML tagging should be such a pain.

Typepad might work for you, as I recall it doesn't mess with your formatting, and I remember Blogger as being pretty good as well. It's been awhile since I did anything with either one, so hopefully they haven't ruined them with new "helpful" "features".

Jan 14, 2010
1:07 AM EDT
TC, it's unconfigurable automagic wordwrap that's the bane of my existence .

Jan 14, 2010
6:04 AM EDT
azerthoth, I installed a code highlighting plugin for testing, and tried it out, here:

It seems fairly configurable. That blog site is a bit general though, but I am setting up another installation that might be a bit more suited for this sort of thing. (ie, no World of Warcraft plugins etc.) It's going to be at with free blogs and bloggers will get a subdomain also.

The site will be intended for blogs and discussions about cross-platform "things". Intentionally vague, but anything that at least attempts to work on more than just one platform qualifies. So technical blogs with coding examples is valid content.

So anyhoo, you are more than welcome to host there. Let me know.

Jan 16, 2010
5:08 AM EDT
Quoting:it's unconfigurable automagic wordwrap that's the bane of my existence

When I need to dump Javascript out of Movable Type (and I do it a lot), I defeat the automatic tags by eliminating all returns in my "entry," leaving it as one big texty block.

As a result, Movable Type doesn't break my Javascript with ill-placed tags.

Maybe this same technique will work in WP or Blogger ... All I know is that it works in Movable Type, which is a pain in the you-know-where almost all of the time, in case you were asking. This "problem," however, is solvable with my lovely hack.

Oct 12, 2010
12:56 AM EDT
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Oct 12, 2010
1:29 AM EDT
I switched my blog over to Wordpress almost a year ago, I love it.

Oct 12, 2010
9:33 AM EDT
> Since you only post 15 to 20 posts per year, then instead of using blogging software, why don't you just sign up at a free or cheap Web hosting provider and create static HTML pages of your posts?

Back twixt 95 and 2003, when I had a blog, that's what I did.

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