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Feb 06, 2010
6:40 AM EDT
Here is the exception of PJ:

[PJ: On a personal note, while I like Matt personally, he wrote to me not long ago that he couldn't see why people were so negative about Microsoft, so this is the end for Ubuntu being truly FOSS, as far as I'm concerned, and the beginning of it becoming fused mystery meat, if I may put it that way. They can be whatever they want, of course, but I think it would be foolish to expect anything now but a loss of the F in FOSS at Canonical now.] -

Feb 06, 2010
3:21 PM EDT
The hazards of the world, people always get caught up in the trap that to be 'for' something you also have to be 'against' something else.

Feb 06, 2010
4:00 PM EDT
In the case of being "for" Microsoft, it does mean one is automatically, even if unwittingly, "against" FOSS and any kind of open standard, period. After all, what follows "embrace, extend..."?

Feb 07, 2010
5:56 PM EDT
Ubuntu just becomes a second Novell. I wonder why they didn't hire Miguel de Icaza as their COO.

we felt it critical to bring in a person who knew not just open source, but has a long experience in making Linux relevant to businesses and users alike. We think Matt brings to Canonical the perfect blend of industry, executive and community savvy."

Substitute Mr. de Icaza for Mr. Asay and you see it's just about business to them. Of course, after all they're a company. Work for Mr. Schestowitz I guess, maybe some new website?

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