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Jun 02, 2010
10:08 PM EDT
You may find to be of some interest. It deals with issues of education, of course, technological, legal, social, and more.

What led me to write this note is a most recent article that informs us that "Bill Gates is a strong supporter of the open-courseware movement..."

Doing a search of the site for "bill gates" or "bill and melinda gates" turns up a reasonable number of hits. It appears Mr. Gates is a 21st century educational guru.

A search for "steve jobs" also has good returns.

A search for "torvalds" yields nothing although "linux" does return hits. Some of the Linux hits are positive. Others, sadly, are akin to citing zdnet blogger Christopher Dawson explaining why a Linux Moby tablet is doomed (some posters wrote reasoned responses to this). Check out

Oh, yes, the article regarding Mr. Gates embracing openness is at with a link to

I find a number of points of agreement with Bill Gates, but I still don't respect him in the morning.

Jun 03, 2010
8:55 AM EDT
It's my opinion that the top-down power structure of coercive education matches the Microsoft mind-set perfectly.

Linux and self- and parent-directed education works quite well.

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