Great move! More countries joining the FOSS path.

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Jun 18, 2010
7:10 AM EDT
I've been in Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Luxembourg, I live in NL; all of them the richest countries in the world.

And I've been in Tunisia and Tunis. A rather poor country compared to the ones mentioned above, though they probably belong to the richest coutries of Africa. Normally, you wouldn't think countries like Tunisia walk in front to the more "Western" countries when it comes to IT education. This article however, shows they just might. I've read about LPI level 3, the one they want their students to achieve. Well, if some of their students reach that level, combined with the Presidential blessing of the project, I'm pretty sure some of these students will run the countries IT.

I'm not sure if it was the President himself or his staff who saw the importance, but it is good to see how this proceeds. A few years ago, their neighbours in Libya refrained from buying OLPC, most probable because Bill Gates told them "OLPC was not good enough". However, this time Microsoft was not around to tell the Tunisian President LPI is 'not good enough' and has no value for the 'real world'.

I've seen the president of Brazil, Mr. Lula, talk about open source, though I couldn't understand him (in Portuguese). Our European Commissioner of the Digital agenda (Ms. Kroes) has been talking about preventing a lock-in. Massachussets have fought for open standards. I saw our own (NL) deputy minister of economic affairs talking about open standards.

Finally, it seems, all the lobbying money can buy isn't helping Microsoft anymore! Though it will take some time, as 'rust never sleeps', I suppose.

Jun 21, 2010
4:13 AM EDT
Microsoft is facing irrelevance from all sides. People are beginning to see through all the lobbying, Google's thrashing them in onlinhe services, Android, Apple and Google are slowly eating away at their OS business, and Microsoft basically turned their gaming division into laughing stock at this year's E3. Couple all that with the co9mpany's general customer hostility, internal politics that make change difficult, and Ballmer stupidity, and you have a recipe of guaranteed decline.

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