OMG. Ken got a GF??

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Jul 08, 2010
10:25 AM EDT
Ken, does she have any idea what she's getting into?


Jul 08, 2010
10:59 AM EDT
Make sure she's GNU.

Mixed marriages rarely work out.

Jul 08, 2010
1:30 PM EDT
@ TC. Yep...she took charge of the inventory logging at Linux Against Poverty, Keeps my shop inventory honest and understandable, Schedules HeliOS Project install appointments, organizes and keeps up with the daily paperwork, loves baseball, outdoor grilling and hates to dance.

I can hang with any woman who understands and can explain the infield fly rool. I'll work everything else out around that.


Jul 08, 2010
1:31 PM EDT
Mixed marriages rarely work out.

As my divorce decree can attest...

Jul 08, 2010
1:39 PM EDT
While my wife likes Linux well enough (and has put up with my ups and downs in Open- and FreeBSD), she prefers the Mac. I do maintain it, and it's Unix (I finally started using rsync for the backups - it's one of many handy utilities hiding in OS X)

Jul 08, 2010
2:48 PM EDT
When I met my grilfriend five years ago, the first thing I did was getting rid of her old, virus-laden XP box. She's been a happy Linux geek ever since.

Jul 08, 2010
3:28 PM EDT
If there's hope for ken there's hope for the rest of us. ;)

Jul 08, 2010
4:12 PM EDT
Sadly, my wife uses Windows because she doesn't feel like trying to make all those Windows-only applications work any other way.

And so there is one machine on which the kid's Dora games work, so it's not all bad.

The machine itself was bought without Windows through the same OEM that put this bitching tower together that I'm using, even though they don't officially support Linux.

I will say that Win7 has less compatibility problems with our Win95 and Win98 kids games than XP did, shockingly enough. The one failure so far has been Oregon Trail. Just won't run no how.

Edit: Grammar? Syntax? I _failed_ 9th grade English! What's your excuse?

Jul 08, 2010
5:34 PM EDT
I've been suffering from an inferiority complex since I stopped trying to migrate people to Linux.

Sometimes, I ask them if they want to. My mother contemplated it (especially because I promised SSH-support!), but the computer I had in mind for her is still gaining dust in my 'shed'. My sister felt she didn't have the time to relearn. My father seems to be happy with Windows, and he likes to fiddle with all kinds of freeware, free software, utilities and such. I'm not sure what happened, but waiting 3 minutes after powering on before I'm able to internet is sure to rise my blood pressure. The StandBy mode of XP fixed most of that however. My GF - haven't heard her complain about, what is it, Vista, 7, or XP with some nice skin, I must admit I have absolutely no idea what's on her laptop.

Once, I helped a friend of mine, with his Debian gaming server, but that's about it. All of them probably consider my PC pretty hostile: Only Windowmaker, about no icons at all, and a pretty weird keyboard (it's a TypeMatrix). Flash doesn't play by default, and worse, it makes Firefox crash about once every 10 minutes. It seems I'm the only person being able to use this PC. No wonder they don't think Linux is the best thing since sliced bread. I thought about installing something else on it, just for the sake of not giving people a bad impression about Linux.

I dunno, it's just I found out 'helping people who don't want to be helped, because they don't perceive they have a problem' is one of the greatest waste of effort a human can encounter. Interesting, the person who made me discover that truth was also the one who introduced me to BSD and later to Linux.

Nonetheless, what's interesting, is most people are able to use the internet on my PC, which is pretty much all they need to do what they want to do. And for those few 'Win only' requests (such as a poker .exe), VirtualBox fitted with WinXP ('questionable license') has met their requests.

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