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Aug 31, 2010
10:14 PM EDT
Please tell me English is the second language of the author of this post. I read through two paragraphs before I clicked off the page. It is horrid!


Aug 31, 2010
11:07 PM EDT
Does this help?

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Sep 01, 2010
9:20 AM EDT
> Please tell me English is the second language of the author of this post....

That wasn't obvious from the excerpt? It was to me.

Sep 02, 2010
2:27 PM EDT
It's almost as humorous as the manual for the Chinese-made AM/FM/SW MP3 player/recorder clock radio thingie I just got. It's a fantastic little unit but the comedy in the manual is an added bonus I didn't count on. For example:

"If you use the lithium battery with the other models, maybe cause the danger, such as burning, exploding, and so on. If your lithium battery life is curtate obviously or it's exterior changes, please replace the lithium battery to be a new one."

I still don't know what curtate means.

Sep 02, 2010
4:18 PM EDT
I know I still have it around here somewhere..a friend of mine was building a model of U.S. Battleship and the 'bio' for the ship on the side of the box is comedy gold..

I have to go find it now..

Sep 02, 2010
5:48 PM EDT
It was 30 years ago, but my wife and I still joke about it.

The very last line in the hilarious, obviously-translated-from-Japanese instruction manual for putting together her bentwood rocker:

"Now it is ready for you to enjoy the rocking."

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