Almost exactly what I always wanted

Story: That’s what I call Linux mobility: Smart Book from Always InnovatingTotal Replies: 1
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Sep 18, 2010
5:42 PM EDT
This looks almost perfect! I dream of the day when my phone is powerful enough for most of my computer needs and I just click it into some kind of slot for extra screen space or a keyboard. I think I described something like that here in the forums a couple of years ago. I do agree with the article author though: the base unit should really be a fully fledged smartphone.

Sep 18, 2010
8:09 PM EDT
Hope it's OMAP 36xx and not 33xx, as the 36xx is much more energy efficient due to it's smaller details (45nm instead of 65nm).

I read about the AI touchbook, but it seems there were some problems with the hardware (center of gravity caused it to flip), there were issues with software stability, not all 'everyday-applications' had been compiled yet, and the batteries were "quite heavy".

If most of this is improved, this will be interesting.

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