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Oct 26, 2010
1:26 PM EDT
I was a little skeptical about paying for a development environment, until I saw the nice slider for setting how much you want to pay, from $5-$100.

I am now curious enough to give it a try. I haven't "coded" in over 20 years, but this might be enough to get me back into it. I like it being multi-platform & supporting Maemo on the N900, especially.

Oct 27, 2010
5:38 PM EDT
This looks really interesting, I might have to get the full version so I can quickly build flash applets and associated bits and pieces.

I remember using something similar back in the early 90s, it ran on Windows 3.11 and DOS (didn't work properly on 95 +), it generated C code and compiled from there. It sort of disappeared by the late 90s, never to heard of again, proprietary Software, of course.

Oct 27, 2010
6:35 PM EDT
You must post what you find out. It would be really interesting. I am skeptical also, not really about paying, but about exactly how rich a development environment it will be. So come back and tell us!

Or maybe a bunch of us should download and try it?

Oct 27, 2010
11:14 PM EDT
Alcibiades, there's a crippled version for download and checking out. It doesn't allow you to do much, but it is rather interesting.

For me I think it would be rather useful, especially for building Flash stuff, which for some reason is quite popular.

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