I hope you found someplace other than landfill for that.

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Nov 10, 2010
8:54 AM EDT
If we weren't separated by a continent, I'd happily take that old LCD monitor off your hands; we're still swapping out CRTs (getting rid of their appetite for wattage, desk-space and users' skin and hairlines) here, and some of the old hardware I have won't properly drive a 16:9 screen. Desktop and tower boxes have the virtue of being home-repairable, if only by swapping things at the subsystem level, something laptops can't claim, but then, I have kids. The number of keyboards that have succumbed to PBJ-related fatalities...

If things in SFV are that tight for storage (I lived in Canoga Park for some years, so I have some awareness), you might want to look into a nettop or a Pogo-style plug or slug for anything that requires a server. I'm currently thinking about such to handle rsync backups to flashdrive, saned/cupsd, ircd and archive httpd duties for my LAN.

Nov 10, 2010
4:19 PM EDT
I take the old to Goodwill, which in L.A. has an E-waste recycling program.

I would've saved my old white box, but it was old enough that I'm sure the power supply wouldn't run a "modern" motherboard, and I think it was too old for microATX.

I'd really like to build a desktop system from parts at some point, and hopefully I'll be able to swap out motherboards and keep the case for a few upgrades.

The LCD monitor was pretty old and a little "buzzy," which is annoying in my noise-free space. I still have a 13-inch CRT from 1994 that I use with my Sun boxes and anything else that needs a VGA monitor. I haven't yet gotten rid of my Sparcstation 20 and Sparcstation 10 clone, but I'd like to.

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