I wonder what the result would have been

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Feb 15, 2011
12:10 AM EDT
with GNOME or XFCE or LXDE as the Desktop.

Feb 15, 2011
2:42 PM EDT
Quoting:with GNOME or XFCE or LXDE as the Desktop.
As far as using an alternate Linux distro, the lightweight Lubuntu and the "cloud-favored" PeppermintOS both have LXDE as "the Desktop"; see http://lubuntu.net and http://peppermintos.com

Other distros for the "low spec computers" that the author writes about, could have also included those mentioned in Bright Hub's 'Best Lightweight Linux OS for Old or Slow Computers' found at http://www.brighthub.com/computing/linux/articles/43541.aspx and in Vaughan-Nichol's Computerworld blog 'How old does your hardware go?' found at http://blogs.computerworld.com/how_old_does_your_hardware_go


- Puppy Linux; http://www.puppylinux.com

- AntiX and its MEPIS parent; http://antix.mepis.org and http://www/mepis.org

- VectorLinux Standard and Light editions; http://vectorlinux.com/products

- Absolute Linux, http://www.absolutelinux.org

Then of course there are the parent distros for all the above (excluding Puppy Linux):

- Debian GNU/Linux; http://www.debian.org

- Slackware Linux; http://www.slackware.com

Both of these parent distros can be configured using immensely lightweight DEs and WMs for better performance on the "low spec" computers the author writes about.

This then begs the obvious question: Was Alt Linux KDE REALLY the only distro the Russian author could use for his comparison of Linux vs Windows 7 ultimate on Low spec computers??


Feb 15, 2011
7:28 PM EDT
My thoughts exactly. I use Crunchbang myself, which is available with either the Openbox window manager or the Xfce desktop environment (I prefer Xfce myself). THAT would've been a more suitable comparison

Feb 15, 2011
7:29 PM EDT
Windows is fast until you start doing stuff ...

Feb 15, 2011
7:38 PM EDT
Quoting:Windows is fast until you start doing stuff ...

+1 insightful


Feb 15, 2011
8:38 PM EDT
Quoting:Windows is fast until you start doing stuff ...

You've obviously never used my work computer. :(

Feb 15, 2011
8:42 PM EDT
yes indeed Windows IS slow until you start doing stuff, after that it's all down hill.

Feb 16, 2011
12:46 AM EDT
Seems to me that this goes to show just how PERVASIVE Micro$ucks grip on Russian computers is! I mean, they don't even have any Linuxes to use other than Alt Linux KDE?? That and also greyzy might not be all that Linux-savvy....


Feb 16, 2011
1:36 PM EDT
Well, I think if this article is not good enough for you people, one could install Win7 and try / bench for their own.

I downloaded a pirated copy of Win7 to do so (I thought my 'legal' RC-key for Win7 might still work?), but seems I can't install Windows7 as it needs a medium over 2GB, my DVD-player is currently not mounted and other lame excuses of being too lazy to do real work. But it might be fun and might attract some readers to LXer, so I might give it a second thought.

Of course, using Gentoo and Windowmaker as a reference, so other people can blame me for not using their favourite distribution / DE ;)

Feb 17, 2011
3:14 AM EDT
You didn't need to pirate Windows 7, search google for "legal download Windows 7 iso". Then you can use it for 30 days trial.

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