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Mar 01, 2011
1:58 PM EST
I've been to the last several SCALE conferences, but this year I saw more companies looking for Linux talent than ever before. It's encouraging to see that the demand for good Linux skills is growing.

On Friday I attended a workshop on quickly, and realized that PyGTK would be a good way to get back into coding - even though I have a CS degree, and even though I've been working as a sysadmin for years, I haven't programmed anything other than some perl and shell scripts ever since I graduated, so it's high time.

I always buy books at scale, and this last weekend I picked up a book on python from O'Reilly, a new perl book from the perl mongers booth, and a book on postgres 9 performance tuning which was recommended by the postgres folks. Now, to get around to reading them and doing some practical stuff as a result.

I had a chance to take a closer look at tiny core linux - not knowing any better, I'd assumed it was just another minimalist distro, cut down from some existing distro - but no, it was engineered from the ground up for efficiency, using the linux kernel, busybox and fltk graphics. I was impressed, and now I'll have to think of a way to use it for a project.

Just curious, anyone here live in the OC of SoCal? If so, do you know of good local linux/lamp/postgres interest groups?

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