Mint: Security Update 1st of May - where did it go?

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May 01, 2011
9:59 AM EST
Notification indicated six files were ready for a security update. It was an odd mix of three files each one set new never loaded previously and the other for an earlier version (I remember the latter's last numbers being the 23rd, but the former was either 28 [reasonable] or some thing thirty) of the Linux kernel used on Mint 10. I got an error where the file size was wrong for some portion, I missed which because it was early and I had already fought other battles*.

Later the message is my system is up to date, is this because the discrepancy was caught? I am new to Mint so their procedures on updates are new to me. Moreover, when updating a kernel I had not remembered seeing a mix of versions, perhaps I was unattentive and missed a common procedure. [Just prior to posting, I see updates are again recommended - putting this up for reference.]

[Edit] Good thing I put up this message, the update was for a small file, which would not install. I am getting more failures to connect to package lists than successes. Moreover the last update of four files, at least two failed due to missed connections and time outs. What's going on? Am I the only Mint user seeing this?

[Edit] Also look at my new message that I will title: MInt [and Ubuntu 9.10] has my machine been cracked?

* Changed out a cable modem that required installation, said that it was active when it was not. This destroyed my Firefox profile wiping out all the tabs I had kept running. With on-line help the issue was resolved concerning the cable modem, which I owned for years but unused, it was not recognized by the ISP. So it was deactivated silently. Once registered, it worked albeit more slowly than the company unit. I still had to reload a copy** of the Firefox profile to regain most of my lost tag set. It's May, but my copy is from mid April, prior to my first installation of Mint.

** This is the one instance I can cite where I was happy to have the GUI over the command prompt, easier to kill a folder and one ini file and copy in the older version by dragging from the backup disc media.

Oh yes, all too serious. The jokes were all on me.

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