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Jun 25, 2011
5:12 AM EDT
Quoting:At times, when you get something free, you tend not to value it.

So because it's free, on should like it an use it, even when it doesn't meet one's requirements.

Jun 26, 2011
9:20 AM EDT
Other than the g3 shell, gnome 3 removes a great deal of functionality from gnome 2 that I had come to rely on and use.

However gnome 3 is extremely extensible, and already some of that functionality has returned. This is not a bad idea. The gnome team can concentrate on a simpler, leaner core and allow contributing developers to use the framework provided to add the needed extra functionality. In true open source fashion, the functionality with the most 'need' expressed will most likely be added.

The major flaw I see so far, is the reliance on mutter. This seems to be diametrically opposed to the entire idea of g3 being a simpler, cleaner, more efficient framework that is extensible over time to meet the full needs of others. Mutter requires 3D support when they should have chosen a lightweight replaceable window manager. If you need a WM that supports 3D, and your equipment can handle it, choose one. If your equipment can't support 3D or you choose not to use 3D, then choose a lighter one.

Requiring mutter is a big problem for gnome 3. The missing functionality will be added, but the dependence on mutter is much more complex.

The g3 shell, of course, is another matter. For me it is a barrier to efficiency in multitasking. I keep trying to figure out how to use it and not be handicapped by it, but it seems to go out of the way to be annoying and cumbersome. My focus is on the 4 or 5 related windows I have open during development, and not on messaging, or alerts or pop-ups or task bars. The 4 or 5 inter-related windows that show the changes I make to code, the database messages, the server logs, and the design specs.

I want it all at once. It may be 4 or 5 different applications, but it is one integrated 'whole' in my mind while developing. In gnome 3 I am constantly switching between gedit and firefox, but then missing the database messages and the web server logs.

I do have hope for g3 without the shell. As for mutter, people smarter than me replaced Metacity with alternatives in Gnome 2, so there is hope there too.

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