I saw that too,...

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Nov 09, 2011
9:50 AM EDT
I saw that too ... Either lazy animators or Linux lovers ... Don't know which ...

Nov 09, 2011
2:53 PM EDT
I probably go for the lazy animator excuse, myself. It's surprising how quickly my son recognised it though. It is not there for very long on the advert.

We do use Linux here at home however.

Nov 09, 2011
2:55 PM EDT
Moral of the story? Linux saves the day.

Nov 09, 2011
3:29 PM EDT
squeak, squeak....

Nov 10, 2011
8:48 AM EDT
@helios, unless it's an African penguin. We have those down here, and they used to call them the Jackass Penguin because they make a loud donkey noise.

Nov 10, 2011
3:14 PM EDT
That is the Cereal I am going to be eating from now on. :-)

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