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Nov 17, 2011
6:20 PM EDT
The key problem is well identified. The developers have no serious mechanism for assessing the needs and desires of users.

This seems like a failure of the FOSS community. Developers are famously non-communicative and cliquey. That is the culture of hacking. It has a very good side in that technical development can occur without clueless people stuffing it up.

On the other hand such a culture is by its very nature top down. Thing is though gnome and kde long ago achieved an interface that was eminently usable. Now they are bored and want another challenge. Tablet development seems to be that opportunity of interesting hacking with a commercial angle. Trouble is the loyal base of linux are not tablet users in the main but old fogeys (like me) stuck behind a keyboard and mouse.

I think the developers ought to not forget the loyal old fogeys who made their software popular in the first place. I am considering a tablet at present and I have to say a tablet with unity or gnome shell just does not appeal compared to android and iOS.

In my opinion the desktop is with us for much longer than people think. How do I know this? I asked my 20 year old daughter that's how.

Her view is "I have an iphone and a macbook so why would I want an ipad?"

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