There goes Mepis 8.0...

Story: Debian 5.0 Reaches End-of-Life on February 2012Total Replies: 1
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Dec 08, 2011
3:51 AM EDT
...which is based on Lenny. Not sure where we (those on my LAN) go from here, as Mepis 8.5 and Mepis 11.0 are KDE4. Maybe Debian/Trinity. I'll be doing some evaluating, looking for a new standard rollout for our aged hardware which doesn't disrupt established KDE3.5 workspace workflows.

Dec 08, 2011
1:47 PM EDT
Sorry to see you stray from Mepis it's a great (if not greatest) under-rated distro. Would it not be easier to just keep what you got installed until Mepis rolls out a new release? I remember having debian etch installed after a year of end of life. I updated certain applications myself of course.

Just hold back on the whole update madness and update at your leisure, when of course Mepis kicks out a new spin--update away.

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