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Dec 09, 2011
6:02 PM EDT
I thought this might be the direction HP would take. Now it's just a matter of commitment and also developer's creating apps.

Dec 09, 2011
6:41 PM EDT
This is good news, but first, they have to release the source. According to some irc chatter, HP management released the press announcement without first telling the WebOS troops. It might take a while before they have the sources pounded into shape for a release.

Dec 09, 2011
8:21 PM EDT
No source open source period. I know I am stating the obvious but just in case an HP management team reads this..;-)

Dec 09, 2011
8:38 PM EDT
Looking at this from a broader view, just last week Google released the full Android sources, and I've already pulled them down and have been enjoying reading them.

Now we have a promise from HP that WebOS will become FOSS.

What amazing movements are taking place right now in the open source arena. The mobile space is highly contested right now, with tremendous battles taking place between the major players, and FOSS is right in the middle of it all. 2012 will certainly be an interesting year as this all unfolds.

Dec 09, 2011
9:07 PM EDT
@Scott, agreeing 100%, but how much delay was there from Netscape to Mozilla, and from StarOffice to OpenOffice? Patience, my friend.

I for one want to see WebOS on the Raspberry Pi. If that can be made to work, it will be a real vindication for the RP project.

OTOH, what did I say earlier today about Adobe? Oh yeah... "a replay of Sun." I want to be optimistic about HP, but...


Scott, would you object to an Adobe-HP "dead pool" on LXer?

Dec 09, 2011
10:11 PM EDT
Quoting: I for one want to see WebOS on the Raspberry Pi. If that can be made to work, it will be a real vindication for the RP project.

I want to see it on something with some decent uncommitted IO pins/ports to it... something a Maker can dig into. Aside from spreading it too far and wide for MS or Apple to kill, that just might fulfill HP's desire for it to become a ubiquitous control-panel OS for complicated hardware, because then people will be solving hw interfacing problems for them and giving them kernel drivers they can at least hack to their own purposes if not adopt outright. I don't know that the world needs yet another tablet OS, but hardware-adept OSes with enough friendliness to attract enthusiasts are still thin on the ground.

Dec 10, 2011
12:03 PM EDT
I forsee,... Web-Droid (TM)...

That's Two, Two, Two great mobile OSes for the price of One,... No, make that NONE!!! Get all WebOS versatility and All Android App support in one convenient OS... Available for a short Holiday sale period only,... so get yours TODAY!!!

This statement is totally baseless and without support. No express or implied warranties apply. Kids, get your parents' permission before hacking source code.

Dec 10, 2011
10:12 PM EDT
I LIKE WebOS...I just can't afford a device right now, and honestly, a HPPad (P-Pad?) would probably sit unused just like any android-based pad. I played with one for a couple of days then bored with the distraction, sat back down at my computer and got some real work done.

My daughter had a Palm Pre with WebOS on it and I have to say I am severely impressed. I hope nothing but the best for this platform and hope still that the developer community will embrace it.

Of course, I "Hoped" the Astros wouldn't trade Berkman to New York a few years back as well.

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