Where to turn? (Recommendations requested).

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Dec 19, 2011
12:51 AM EDT
I'm already getting replies from people (Windows users) that I've forwarded this story to.

So far, almost every response so far, has also asked what I would recommend as an alternative source.

Yes, I know there's three of them listed in the article. The only one of the three I've ever used, at all, is Softpedia (but hardly ever).

I've generally relied on Download-dot-com (no longer an option, now) and MajorGeeks, if I couldn't get it from the source (and several sources have actually passed at least the "free" downloads to one of those two or to Softpedia, anyways.

So I've been suggesting MajorGeeks (majorgeeks.com) because that one has always worked out well for me. Especially when I've been wanting to download multiple apps, or hoping to find a "complete .exe" installer, rather than one of those "stub" downloading installers (which often won't co-operate with me DL-ing them to my Linux box -- and I'm sorry, but I want a functioning, reliable firewall set up and running before I plug a fresh Windows box back into the internet.

But I don't do a lot of Windows downloads -- Does anybody want to make recommendations of their own?


Dec 19, 2011
1:08 AM EDT
sorry I almost never download stuff for windows.

Dec 19, 2011
1:21 AM EDT
Every few months a friend or relative wants some help, and I may consequently update my "Windows Survival Kit" USB stick.

And I will admit, that since Vista/Win7 came out, there's been less need for keeping that USP stick up-to-date.


Dec 19, 2011
7:46 AM EDT
I get everything I need for Windoze (albeit it's not much) here.


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