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Dec 28, 2011
8:20 AM EDT
"Has the structure of KDE4 become so overcomplex that even the developers have lost their way ?"

At the risk of being called an absolute Luddite, I'll confess I have no interest in the frills and various desktops of KDE4. My instant reaction is always to put KDE4 into folder view and then take steps to make it resemble KDE3.5 as closely as possible. Why ? Well, KDE3.5 is a DE that just works for me personally. Quite honestly, this constant "improvement" has begun to irritate me because as far as I am concerned, the "improvements" are negative in their impact on me as a user. KDE4.4.4 was superb; KDE4.6 is simply not quite as good in certain aspects of speed and software, while the later version released with openSUSE 12.1 (KDE4.7 ?) is even more annoying as regards its quirks and complexity with data folders in its software suddenly disappearing from where they were normally stored.

I think Gnome3 (and Unity ?) are also beginning the same paths to either complexity or "simply not what the users want", and my impressions are that there is already considerable angst and resistance from the relevant communities.

I just don't know where these two DE's are now going. My requirements have always been simplicity, stability, the ability to run a range of software (versatility) and finally, sufficient modification settings to allow me to set the DE running just the way I like it. Gnome2 forks are already appearing in protest over Gnome3 while on the KDE side, Trinity is the DE on which I pin my future hopes.

Dec 28, 2011
9:37 AM EDT
That's why I'm considering Lubuntu as my new desktop (for the future). The simplicity of LXDE, combined with Compiz & Cairo-dock gives me a simple, effective desktop. I don't need all the widgets or other bells & whistles. And Gnome (or Unity, for that matter) takes away too much user control. I want my desktop to work for me, not for everyone else.

Dec 28, 2011
2:29 PM EDT
@JaseP: For what it's worth, I've been using Lubuntu for a while (sometimes in the form of the little spinoff-of-a-spinoff, Peppermints One, -Ice, and -Two) and just recently shifted to XFCE. So far I find XFCE just a bit more polished (it's more mature) and certainly more stable against my rather frequent attempts to do something tricky.

Dec 28, 2011
2:34 PM EDT
Tried XFCE,... it just didn't agree with me... Maybe it was too long ago, and it would be more to my liking now... But LXDE was fairly nice for me straight off... and had the nice margins feature of XFCE (good for dealing with overscan on HDMI output to TVs)...

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