New Year's resolution

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Dec 31, 2011
10:02 PM EDT
Mine is a new one: 1360x768.

Dec 31, 2011
11:10 PM EDT
My 10 inch net book has 1366x798,

Sorry 1362x798

Jan 01, 2012
11:12 PM EDT
Mine was easy. I don't make New Year Resolutions....they tend to just be broken to-do lists for the month of January anyway.

Jan 02, 2012
3:18 AM EDT
Mine is to finish what I start.

I'm a terrible one to start projects and drop them to pursue something more interesting at that moment. Doesn't help that I never seem to have enough time, but then who does?

Jan 02, 2012
4:36 PM EDT
@skelband I'm the same although I don't see it as a negative, If I drop a project to move onto something else then that project probably wasn't worth perusing anyway or I would have been so into it something else wouldn't have been able to take my attention away from it. Think of it as saved time.

Jan 02, 2012
4:47 PM EDT
My resolution: Stop eating the whole steak before moving on to the potatoes.

Jan 02, 2012
5:20 PM EDT
@fatriff: With me those old projects I still want to finish.

Some examples:

1) Pfaff sewing machine interface (hardware) and library. I got the hardware sorted out and with the aid of a protocol analyser I got most of the protocol sussed. I just needed to sort out a library API and do some code. I still really want to do this because the only alternatives at the moment are proprietary and my wife is a dressmaker. I would like to write some software for her to use.....

2) Finish building my Dalek. Got the skirt constructed, but there's a ton of other stuff to do. Makes a great project to do with the kids :D

3) Braille support for Lilypond. I made a big start on this, but it fell by the wayside, mainly because I emigrated to Canada.

4) Start a Brass Band. My interests are fairly broad :D

5) Tons more....

I have a big list by my bed of things to finish off before I die and I'm going to make a big effort to make this year to sort it out.

Unless we all die in the big apocalyptic cataclysm that will surely wipe us all out by year's end :D

Jan 02, 2012
9:42 PM EDT
Not vote.

Spend less money on Foxconn products.

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