Story: Google Bursts Microsoft's Myth About Privacy PolicyTotal Replies: 3
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Feb 03, 2012
7:36 PM EDT
I assume (snort, snort) that he means amusingly or possibly seemingly.

Feb 04, 2012
7:05 AM EDT
Perhaps assuredly?

Feb 04, 2012
6:36 PM EDT
Spell-checkers can be very tricky. You say to yourself, "Ooops, misspelled that frickin', frackin' word again, and click on the correction before you notice the spell-checker doesn't actually know (ie. guess right) what you intended to say, nor what would actually be a sensible choice in the context.

(footnote: it's a little known fact, but the real reason that HAL locked Dave outside was, because Dave habitually declined HAL's spelling recommendations in the ship's log.)

Feb 04, 2012
7:27 PM EDT
Among other things I'm lysdexic, so I never noticed.

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