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Feb 14, 2012
9:34 AM EDT
No system is ever 100% secure and no complex piece of code is ever 100% bug free. Mr. Kerner's expectations are what was ridiculous here. Mozilla found a vulnerability and the patched it promptly. That's all anyone can or should expect.

Feb 14, 2012
10:31 AM EDT

This guy is trying to find fault where there is none. If he wants to see real fault, look no further than the HORRIBLE security patching record of Safari. It's worse than Internet Explorer...there was one bug that existed there for 3 years before they patched it.

Feb 14, 2012
5:49 PM EDT
Just because an update is issued, that doesn't mean you are duty bound to install it -- especially in the enterprise -- until you've tested/vetted/re-tested the patch.

Same goes for users -- they can hold up on an update until they know what's behind it.

On a related topic, the Debian Mozilla team pushed this fix through very quickly.

Feb 14, 2012
7:40 PM EDT
What the opening giveth, the conclusion taketh away.

In my opinion, either this article was mostly filler, and the author knew it, and/or the article was padded, because the news was too important to ignore (in the short term sense that the publication had to say something about the event, but the bald fact was insufficient. Relevant concerns were raised, and addressed in a manner that put them in proper context. The author even had the grace to characterize his take as opinion.

If the author or publication wanted to spin this as a critique, it could have easily been padded out much more, with several paragraphs of baffle-gab and innuendo. So while this may not be a contender for the IT Press equivalent to the Pulitzer, it's hardly a ZDN style smear-job, either.

If I had to categorize this article, I might well class it as "praising with faint damns".

Feb 14, 2012
10:21 PM EDT
I haven't clicked on the article, but this seems to border on click-bait. Who cares if they issue a security update 2 weeks after releasing a new version? Security updates can come at any time; you never know when a vulnerability will be detected. Better sooner than later.

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