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Feb 29, 2012
12:31 AM EDT
Very inspiring article.

Will definitely give a try to create customised Ubuntu based on this article.

Over years I am following a different method of customising Ubuntu DVD and let me confess that this method is rather simple for a novice.

Steps 1.

Install ubuntu on your system.

Add / Delete packages of your choice.

Recommended Packages to Add : GIPM, Java, Unrestricted Extras, Cheese, PHP, Apache, Mysql, phpmyadmin, Virtual Box, VLC, Chromium. ssh, wine, skype, Ubuntu tweaks, wireshark, zenmap so on and so forth.

Recommended Packages to Delete : Default Games ( Based on individual Choices) and other unwanted things.

Visit - and install remastersys

read the documentation and run the remastersys and create iso based on the installed system. The created iso will be saved in /hom/remastersys directory. You can even include your own logo / screen on install DVD with remastersys.

Its simple and asks for minimum terminal based commands and can be tried even by novice.


Feb 29, 2012
12:57 PM EDT
Inspiring? Eh.

It's good that there's information out there for Ubuntu, but it's not necessarily new. Fedora has had a "make your own spin" tutorial out there for some time -- and go to the bottom where it says something like "create your own spin."

Want to really be inspired? Three words: Linux From Scratch --

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