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Story: How to disable Nepomuk, Strigi and Akonadi in KDE4Total Replies: 8
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Mar 22, 2012
4:34 AM EDT
is too slow to load. No offense to you, axel, this is just a suggestion. Take it for what it's worth. In Firefox, the article linked to on the LXer page takes more than ten seconds to load on my machine. It's not a powerhouse, but it's more than adequate for web browsing. All pages on that site, including the main page, seem equally slow. Scrolling vertically is an exercise in patience. I don't know if the site belongs to you or not, but someone should take a look at it.

Try the main page in Konqueror and see what you think. Regardless how good the content on the site is, if the pages won't load in a reasonable amount of time, or the categories banner covers the entire screen, as it does in Konqueror, most potential viewers will just move on.

Mar 22, 2012
5:02 AM EDT
loads like a charm for me....`

Mar 22, 2012
6:38 AM EDT
Ten whole seconds? Oh noes!

Kids these days...

If people want the information on the page, they'll wait. And if they have the aforementioned services running, that's what they'll blame for the slowdown.

Mar 22, 2012
11:01 AM EDT
First impression is the one that normally sticks.

Nepomuk, Strigi and Akonadi are great for those who would find them useful and beneficial. But ...

They should have been turned off by default and for the duration of their development period. KMail should have been configured to use a local Maildir instead.

If the KDE team had done that from the outset, they would have avoided much of the gripe.

Hopefully it is a lesson learned.


Mar 22, 2012
11:50 AM EDT
> They should have been turned off by default and for the duration of their development period. KMail should have been configured to use a local Maildir instead.

While true, this is just a subset of the larger problem of releasing alpha quality software as production ready, which is what the KDE4 team has done from the beginning. It's a shame, as it looks like they've made good progress otherwise.


Mar 22, 2012
4:52 PM EDT
Quoting:Ten whole seconds? Oh noes!

Kids these days...

Yes, gus, I'm a sixty year old kid. Thanks for the compliment. It's not the load time that gets to me. It's the vertical scrolling wait time.

Mar 23, 2012
4:06 AM EDT
Nepomuk virus. On startup the thing crashes five or ten times in succession, sometimes more, before it settles down. The other day I lost kmail entirely because of some obscure problem with akonadi. Took a couple of hours to figure out how to fix it. Only solution is to move to something sensible other than Kontact, and then I'll be free of KDE for good and am never going back.

Yes, wouldn't be surprised to see KDE go the way of xfree86. You simply cannot install it any more for anyone. Gnome3 is more stable but even less usable. xfce is probably the future.

Mar 23, 2012
9:00 AM EDT
I find using adblock speeds the loading of web pages dramatically.

Mar 24, 2012
11:37 AM EDT
I reproduced the problem on my machine DJ. Ghostery fixed the problem and it loads/scrolls well now.

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