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Story: Meet Ubuntu 12.10: Queer QuaggaTotal Replies: 12
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Apr 08, 2012
7:56 AM EDT
Bling Shuttleworth is more corporate than that. My bet is

Quality Quail

Apr 08, 2012
10:08 AM EDT
Quagmiric Quelea ;-P

Apr 08, 2012
1:20 PM EDT
Quintessential Quadruped

Apr 08, 2012
2:23 PM EDT
Qwerty Qigong.

Apr 08, 2012
4:05 PM EDT
Quick Quiche

Okay, so it's not an animal. ;-)

Apr 08, 2012
5:07 PM EDT
Quivering quahog.

Goes down easy, but you might regret it within the hour.

Apr 09, 2012
4:25 AM EDT
Quagaar Queeg. [OK, not really an animal, bo who cares?]

Apr 09, 2012
11:46 AM EDT
You're close, jezuch, they'll name it for Mark Shuttleworth-- Qaptain Queeg. (The crazy captain in the Caine Mutiny for you whippersnappers.)

Apr 09, 2012
8:34 PM EDT
I have that movie, on DVD. It's mesmerizing to see Bogart and MacMurray in such fine form.

Apr 09, 2012
9:03 PM EDT
Yeah, what gus3 said. It's a good one.

(Quiche isn't an animal?)

Anyway, Q will be a good one. Hope Shuttleworth can take time from his busy schedule innovating to come up with something good.

Apr 09, 2012
9:04 PM EDT
@gus3 --

I'm shocked. Shocked! That My Three Sons are gambling here.

Apr 10, 2012
12:46 AM EDT
Thanks Dino....picture of three sets of shoes with the theme music burns through my skull now....

De-de-de-deeeeeee, de-de-de-deeeeeeee

Thanks for that

Apr 10, 2012
4:07 AM EDT
There is a project to bring the Quagga back from extinction by selective breeding of a certain type of zebra that contains the gene.

Maybe Shuttleworth is trying to save Ubuntu from extinction with this one. The genes are there, they just have to selectively throw out the right packages.

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