Why do I think it's just too late?

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Apr 16, 2012
8:42 PM EDT
I liked Mandrake and later Mandriva. It's what I recommended time and time again. Sadly, the business did lack a business model that made any sort of sense as M. Duval writes. Worse, management, on several occasions, wrote or said things that were the equivalent of giving the big middle finger to the community.

Two forks now exist: Mageia and ROSA Linux. Mageia seems to have a community behind it. I don't think that community will come back to Mandriva even if a foundation is formed. Without corporate or community support a foundation becomes meaningless.

Sorry, I think it's too late. The horses got out of that barn long ago.

Apr 17, 2012
1:17 PM EDT
I ran Mandrake for a long time back in the day and it was great.

I was pretty sad to migrate away from it at the time. I can't really remember why I did but it might have had something to do with KDE4. For memory, I think I went to Gentoo for some strange reason. Probably gluttony for punishment, but more likely curiosity and the thirst for more performance :)

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