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Story: Mark Shuttlworth: We felt Blocked By Red HatTotal Replies: 3
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May 03, 2012
7:29 PM EDT
Fair point? Sour grapes? Pot; kettle?

I didn't learn anything from this article, except that Mark Shuttleworth claims to be unhappy about RedHat's role in Gnome development.

May 04, 2012
4:03 PM EDT
I think it shows that Mark Shuttleworth is developing his own reality distortion field, just like the one his hero Steve Jobs had. Plus he needs to grow a pair and man up to the fact that in a meritocracy, those who do the work essentially call the shots.

Or am I reading too much into Mark's whining?

May 04, 2012
5:03 PM EDT
I say $huttleworthtoomuch is the Kettle calling the Pot Black in his whining. But at least "this" M$ isn't violently kicking any chairs against Red Hat like Ballmer did from the "other" M$...... at least not YET!!


May 04, 2012
5:53 PM EDT
I read Shuttleworth's comments as a temper tantrum since the GNOME developers at Red Hat didn't give him things precisely the way he wanted for his distro. We really should all know by now that the Shuttleworth/Ubuntu was is the one true path. Anything else just gets in the way.

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