Why do we use glibc?

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May 10, 2012
3:46 PM EDT
I was wondering, why do most desktops opt to use glibc instead of uClibc or similar?

Are there any benefits glibc has over these lighter-weight libraries?


May 10, 2012
3:59 PM EDT
glibc has been around longer.

is there any benefit to switching?

greetings, eMBee.

May 10, 2012
4:20 PM EDT
Actually, when Yarok first started we built from scratch tried going with uClibc as the original founder of the distro had dreams on monetizing it and creating the best netbook distro going. We were many days and many shekels too late for that. In general, we found that some things wouldn't compile properly or didn't run properly when we changed to what really is a compiler designed for embedded devices. Most things did work but some just didn't.

If you want a distro which uses uClibc instead of glibc try Alpine Linux. It's designed for use on routers and embedded devices but they do have a variety of desktop packages and apps available as well.

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