Sabayon 9 review?

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Jun 17, 2012
2:14 AM EDT
This is a review? Almost no content here. While I have not tried the gnome version mentioned here, the KDE version is standard Sabayon fare. Slow to boot, average at best in resource usage and application start times, and godawful slow and buggy package management. Rigo is a travesty - a package manager that has only a search bar and is not browsable in any way that I could find - good luck if you don't know the name of what you seek. I reverted to using equo (the cli package manager) - which is still slow as molasses compared to pacman, apt-get or yum.

The best part is the last line, in which the reporter says that despite a bug that causes LibreOffice to "lock up all the time", "Sabayon has done a great job". Yes, and Spaghetti-Os are great cuisine...

Jun 17, 2012
2:26 AM EDT
it's the near perfect "review "compared to most that are advertised here.

It wastes less of our time than the norm, that consist of " I installed a live CD, then spent five minutes of random clicking and taking these screen-shots."


Jun 18, 2012
4:23 PM EDT

You pretty much nailed it there :)

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