Global Support For a Firefox Mobile OS

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Jul 05, 2012
12:17 PM EDT
Quoting:Even Android evidently can't go as low as Firefox OS though OEMs are certainly trying (don't forget, Android licensees have to pay Microsoft to use Android).

Jul 05, 2012
6:31 PM EDT
Running one's own apps on Firefox OS would take no more than having ones own website, and coding HTML 5 "apps".

Third party stuff on FF OS would be a doddle, so too would malicious websites. But all in all I think it beats having to code to Googles API for Android or Windows Phone, and getting past Apples gatekeepers. I think FF OS really frees up the Mobile OS ecosystem in much the same way the net has already done so. There are I think huge possibilities for this, that I can't even imagine just yet.

It's a completely, or at least potentially so, an open ecosystem. The handset players may attempt to lock it down with proxies and such, but in the end I think the cats out of the bag.

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