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Story: TLWIR Special: Three Signs That GNU/Linux Has ArrivedTotal Replies: 2
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Jul 27, 2012
2:43 AM EDT
It is pretty obvious to me what's going on: someone doesn't want you to read this article, so they're flooding the site with requests (basically a Denial of Service). The site was working fine for weeks before this article was posted, and then it suddenly went down shortly after this article was posted to Lxer.

I'd like to see them try to do that with Google Docs. Here is the original version of the article as I wrote it in the outstanding Office Suite, Google Docs!!

Please help to spread the word about the Google Docs version of this article (retweet via Twitter, share on Google+,, Facebook, etc.) I have also reposted this article to Lxer using the Google Docs version. The new version will hopefully be approved, and show up in the news feed soon. Whomever doesn't want you to read this will have a VERY hard time taking down our friends in Mountain View, California.

Jul 27, 2012
4:07 AM EDT
I have updated the link to the Google Docs link you provided. Let me know if anything goes wrong with it.


Jul 27, 2012
4:21 AM EDT
@Scott Ruecker Thank you!! Could you please re-run it through the queue? Most people were not able to view it the first time through.

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