Don't EVER, consider Linux as a second OS for games.EVER.

Story: Valve's L4D2 Is Faster On Linux Than WindowsTotal Replies: 4
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Aug 02, 2012
12:48 PM EDT
Ken Hess wrote:To gaming companies, Valve included: If you build games for Linux, we'll buy them. Better yet, we'll host them for our gamer homies and we'll frag those self-spawning enemies and we'll swill Red Bull until we collapse into zombie killing comas.

But, don't ever, EVER, consider Linux as a second string OS for your games. Ever.

What do you think? If gaming companies build games for Linux, will you switch to Linux as your preferrred gaming platform? Talk back and let me know. Oh yeah, is it still uncool to play PC games or can I now unashamedly admit to gamerz that I play with a mouse and keyboard? ;-)

Aug 02, 2012
6:56 PM EDT
The comments are full of the usual suspects (that's the reason I don't bother commenting on zdnet), saying the same things they always say about Linux.

Aug 02, 2012
7:14 PM EDT
After seeing a Linux-based flight simulator that clearly had the capacity to be full-immersion, twelve years ago, I know there's no reason for game dev houses to ignore Linux, other than stupid mindless inertia.

Ignore Linux at your own peril, morons.

Aug 02, 2012
11:47 PM EDT
What this thread needs is more Hairyfeet! (Apologies to Ken).

Aug 03, 2012
3:07 PM EDT
It would be nice if Wizard101 had a native Linux client.

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