Another strange Ducky review

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Aug 09, 2012
1:06 AM EDT
Well... we have another DarkDuck review. It turns out he likes ROSA 2012 now, so long as he's running the LXDE version. That's fine. One of the reasons he likes it is that it has the keyboard switcher applet enabled by default. All those LXDE distros he claims lack this functionality actually have it provided you install them rather than running live and add it to your panel. It's amazing how that works. Like Ducky I need a switching app (U.S. English/Hebrew layout) and I wouldn't do without. SalixOS LXDE doesn't enable it by default. I actually had to right click on the panel and add it after install. The horrors!

His other complaints? Flash player is slow when running live. Really? I thought that was pretty much in every distro. He also feels not enough apps are installed. Fine, then install the distro instead of running live all the time! I still say that is no way to write a decent review.

Other than those things this is an above average DarkDuck piece. I agree with his conclusion but I actually preferred the KDE version of ROSA. I found the LXDE version performance disappointing compared to other LXDE based distros.

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