am I the only one

Story: Samsung's Wang was up 22 hours a day, had no time to copy AppleTotal Replies: 15
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Aug 15, 2012
4:09 PM EDT
...lowbrow enough to chuckle at this headline?

You might try reading "Harry Potter" and substituting "wang" for "wand." It's quite fun.

Aug 15, 2012
4:14 PM EDT
Anything containing the word "Wang" is worth a chuckle.

Trouble is, what proportion of the rest of the world would understand why? :D

Aug 15, 2012
4:24 PM EDT
I had a chuckle as well and was about to email him to find out which male enhancement pills he was using :)

Aug 15, 2012
4:38 PM EDT
Some many years ago, I worked for a company called Data Logic in Harrow, and we had a guy from IBM come over from the states. He couldn't initially understand why all the English thought his name was so funny.

It didn't take Mr John Thomas long to find out why....

Aug 15, 2012
8:48 PM EDT
Pronoun Alert!

Quoting: ... She denied copying Apple's user interface when she worked on the Galaxy range,..

If we're really going to be this juvenile, let's at least get the gender right/

Aug 16, 2012
4:37 AM EDT
My mind is permanently in the toilet, so yeah I chuckled. :)

Aug 16, 2012
6:14 AM EDT
I'm young and innocent, and must not be corrupted by such things.

Aug 16, 2012
3:30 PM EDT
Gender twisting and "pointed" humor are always funny. What makes it high- or low-brow is merely the vocabulary with which it is expressed.

Hehehe, he said "expressed". heheh hehehe

Aug 17, 2012
7:48 PM EDT
I guess I'm the only one who missed this double entendre, which is strange as my mind is ALWAYS in the gutter. Perhaps due to the fact I have a soft spot for Wang computers.

My first programming class, basic, was on a remote Unix mainframe with dumb terminals. It went down for a 2 wk upgrade. We were left with half a dozen Apple IIs, which were an abomination and I've hated Apple ever since. Luckily, another class in the same bldg had a Wang mini-mainframe for it's secretarial classes and they let us use their terminals. Lovely. Also, isn't it Wang Labs that created the generic image viewer for M$ Windows?

Regardless, I guess I missed the joke. Now, if they'd said something like Hung Lo......

Aug 17, 2012
8:09 PM EDT
Not safe for work or kids, but hey...

Aug 18, 2012
9:12 AM EDT
my my... i had to search what all this 'fuss' about 'wang' means... honestly, i did not know ... now i do -> as a matter of fact , in my language : wang = cheek : ;-P

Aug 19, 2012
2:32 PM EDT

No worries, according to many of my son's adolescent "friends" most of the words in the English language seem to mean the same thing. ;)

Aug 19, 2012
5:50 PM EDT
No the truth is we Use a few words in the English language to mean many things

Aug 20, 2012
9:01 AM EDT
"There are 400,000 words in the English language, and seven of them you can't say on television. They must be *really* bad words!"


Aug 20, 2012
3:45 PM EDT
Well I only know one of them:


(Did I spell that correctly? My spellchecker doesn't admit to even knowing that one.)

Aug 21, 2012
9:05 AM EDT
Don't feel bad.....spellchecker didn't even realize that a recent helios-ism isn't't a word.


go figure.

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