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Aug 23, 2012
5:39 AM EDT
It reads like a marketing piece. The same old Gnome Shell talking points of efficiency and freedom from distraction. To top it off it, comes with a plea to just really, really learn to Gnome Shell as its designers intended before writing it off.

Sorry chum, not gonna happen. One of the most fundamental design decissions in Gnome Shell seriously rubs me the wrong way. The overview mode to me is an utterly distracting abomination. I simply hate unnecessary, wholesale context switches. I know they are all the rage on smart phones, but there I tolerate them due to the restraints of limited screen real estate. (I've recently started using MIUI on my SGS2 and the lack of the app drawer is refreshing.)

So no, I'm not going to invest my time in Gnome Shell-isms. I'm not going to make Shell fit my workflow by tacking on the unstable mess known as Shell Extensions. I expect a desktop to be usable and non-irritating out of the box. Shell doesn't make that cut.

If Gnome dies because of the boneheaded direction the Gnome team takes it in and it takes Cinnamon and Unity with it, so be it. I'll learn to love KDE or some other non-GTK+ environment. That said, it is really sad to see this disaster progress in slow motion. This time around the captain isn't even aware the Titanic hit an iceberg... Or is it more along the lines of "Shhh, shhh, pretend it didn't happen, just keep on sailing"?

Aug 23, 2012
7:31 AM EDT
Personally I suspect Dean Howell has had a brain fart on this one, and Red Hat really need to disown the project. There are some seriously dimwitted decisions being made.

Aug 23, 2012
9:52 AM EDT
tracyanne: I did not have a "brain fart". I only wanted to point out that Fedora would be the best destination for those who WANT to use vanilla Gnome 3.

r_a_trip: Gnome 3 enables other 'sane' desktops. If you don't appreciate the work of the Gnome team as represented by the other 'sane' desktops that rely on it, you may as well just switch to KDE now.

Aug 23, 2012
10:39 AM EDT
> If you don't appreciate the work of the Gnome team as represented by the other 'sane' desktops that rely on it, you may as well just switch to KDE now.

Or you could just switch to a desktop that lets you do what you want and doesn't get in your way while you do it, XFCE.

Aug 23, 2012
10:49 AM EDT
Well, lordpenquin, so far the plumbing and the applications in Gnome 3 are an improvement. But, and this is the big but that ruins it all, the Gnome team is taking their "vision" to the applications and they even want to mess around with the deeper infrastructure (cue Gnome OS). Since Gnome Shell, to me, is a clear sign these people have lost it, I'm not particularly enjoying the current events.

Cinnamon and Unity are trying to stop the holes on the MS Gnome, but as the crew keep putting new ones in, these project will eventually fail or end up with maintaining a separate, GTK+ based DE environment. So yes, I agree with the sentiment that "Gnome is staring into the abyss".

Switching to KDE... Tried that, but somehow I can't get to like KDE. It's not KDE, it's me. XFCE is good, but too sparse for my tastes. The viability of Mate concernes me and as such I don't want to put in too much thought yet.

The more I experience "software" the more I come to see that we mere mortals (you know, non-programmers, with lives revolving around other fruitful things than coding) just get what is unilaterally made for us, be it FOSS or proprietary. On the one hand it dampens my enthusiasm for technology, on the other I feel it relieves me of having the feeling I need to be (unconditionally) loyal to this or that project. Just because it is given for free doesn't mean I need to like it or refrain from criticism. When I stop criticising, that is the point were developers should take notice, because it'll mean I no longer care for the existence of whatever they made.

Aug 23, 2012
11:36 AM EDT
> XFCE is good, but too sparse for my tastes.

Yeah. It's a fine line to walk. And different people want different things, so there's no pleasing everyone. XFCE just seems to be the best out there at the moment.

Maybe the Mate folks should look at rebuilding the Gnome 2 functionality into XFCE as an add-on project rather than continuing with an abandoned code base.

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