Challenging Microsoft for the Most Generic Name?

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Aug 23, 2012
11:48 AM EDT
Say what you want about cryptic names in open source; I still think that naming a movie player "Videos" is rather stupid. You obviously shouldn't be able to trademark such a name (though Microsoft does try to enforce the "Windows" trademark, and in non-English speaking countries, that seems to work; the only U.S. case I'm aware of about it was going against them until they used a European judgement to leverage a settlement). I may have had to learn that "Totem" was a video player, but at least it was distinctive.

Aug 23, 2012
6:14 PM EDT
Yeah, I can just see the day coming, when people complain about not being able to keep track of which app is the one they really want/like:

"Let's see now, was my friend recommending Videos, or Vidios, or Veedio, or Videeos ? I just can't remember! Oh well, at least I know to stay away from Vplay... or was that Veeplay...? I wish my current app was good enough to stick with it.

I think I'll not fiddle around with my music app, after all. I might not be that impressed with MusixBox (I think that's the one I'm using), but I'm just not up to sifting through MusiqBox, Musix... it ain't so badly broke I want to mess around with it.

Why on Earth did they ever abandon those nice distinctive names? Sure it wasn't always obvious whaat sort of app it was, but I never had any trouble distinguishing between VLC and Totem, or RythmBox and Banshee -- and if they were any good I heard about them, and knew which was which.

It sounded like a good idea at tne time -- but honestly the cure is worse than the disease."

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