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Sep 12, 2012
10:35 PM EDT
Based on the title, I saw subject matter near and dear to my heart. I finally thought I'd have something positive to say about a DarkDuck article. Silly me.

This is a content free piece literally written by a child. The only distro mentioned is Ubuntu which is not the best choice for lightweight and certainly not for a router, for which there are specialty distros (i.e.: Alpine Linux) that are designed for that use. All that we have here is a list of things Linux can do and the claim that they can be done on old computers. End of "article".

I didn't think the DarkDuck blog could sink any lower but, lo and behold, it has.

Sep 12, 2012
11:06 PM EDT
I have to agree with you caitlyn, It was just a list of things you can do with Linux operating systems, and the one mentioned was definately not the most appropriate.

I too went to the blog hoping for some content that describes HOW to do those things, not a List of WHAT can be done.

Sep 13, 2012
10:05 AM EDT
I was tempted to start a new thread based upon this "article", titled: The New Ken Hess?". But I will forgo that path.

It seems Duck in the Dark is now mastering the art of creating interesting titles with[OUT] concomitant commitment to quality, just as Ken Hess has done in the past. However, rather to complain endlessly about either I have trained myself to first check the identity before clicking on the link for KH and now I will now do the same for D[it]D. At least I was not the only one fooled. However, just upon recognition of the source I saved myself the effort of reading the text, because the a priori probability of there being useful content was too low to warrant proceeding further.

Unfortunately, much too [serious],


[Edited to add add what I left: "OUT"!]

Sep 13, 2012
10:46 AM EDT
The thing is Ken Hess can write. Every so often he does surprise me and writes something that is either interesting or insightful. It's the rare exception rather than the rule but it does happen. I can't say the same for any of the recent output on the DarkDuck blog, regardless of who the author is.

But, txt, you're right about one thing: DarkDuck is great at captivating headlines that draw you in.

Sep 13, 2012
7:42 PM EDT
Well, there was DD's rather decent article on the dubious politics behind Russia's "National Software Platform" (NSP) leading to it's eventual practical abandonment of Linux and switching back to Windows...


This is why DD and KH are so frustrating; we've seen that they can do better...

Sep 13, 2012
9:09 PM EDT
Quoting:This is why DD and KH are so frustrating; we've seen that they can do better...
You picked a good example of better output from DD. I agree with your analysis here.

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