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Sep 13, 2012
11:29 PM EDT
.......But when I read something like this I stand back in amazement. First because of the sheer power of the "twitterverse" all running on Linux, but second, just how much Microsoft is falling behind by remaining closed source, proprietary code. When you give some serious thought to it all, the one place Microsoft still remains dominant is the desktop and I cannot help but feel that is now only because of OEMs and possibly because business remains welded via familiarity and data formats to Office - although LibreOffice can handle them pretty well now.

Phones, pads, tvs, dvd players, car control systems, internet servers, super computers, defence security, ...honestly, if it isn't a desktop/laptop, Microsoft is't a major player as far as I can see. And with challenges coming all the time (like Kenya now throwing out Windows for Linux, and major gaming platforms at last beginning to recognise the advantages of running on Linux), I begin to wonder how much longer Microsoft can retain its crown. Android on the desktop and laptop might just tip the scales do you think ?

PS.....Apple ? Sooner or later, the same fate except for devoted fans. Oh, I'm probably wrong, but that's my tuppence worth.

Sep 14, 2012
12:16 AM EDT
Maybe you're right about desktop Android, but honestly, there are so many better alternatives than Android for conventional desktops and laptops that are much more respectful of the FOSS ethic that I hope you're wrong. I'd rather see almost any other distro. Ubuntu is probably the most likely due to Canonical's marketing efforts. It's not my favorite distro by any means but it is a much better choice than Android.

Sep 14, 2012
12:38 AM EDT
I can relate to what you are saying caitlyn, but the thing that sticks in my mind is that the "unwashed masses of young people out there who are all using pads and smartphones" [ loved writing that :-) ] are all becoming very, very, very used to using Android and relate to it as an operating system that they know and understand. That gives Android an enormous advantage. Oh surely, I agree, there are superior OSs all around the place, and for newbies, I'd rather opt for LinuxMint....However, it's a solid fact in education circles that if you want to get something across, always go from the "known to the unknown", and the kids definitely know Android.....Linux can come later when they realise other distros offer more.

Sep 16, 2012
11:40 AM EDT
I agree with the Good Doctor. While other Linux distros would obviously be a better choice for the desktop, I think the sheer market power of Google will drive adaptation and ultimately, we will see desktop Linux backdoor its way into OEM production via Android. Never saw that one coming to be honest.

Sep 18, 2012
5:53 AM EDT
Thanks Helios......even more eyebrow raising is that I am watching this completely from the sidelines so that I am not a player - strictly an observer. Not only am I out of the "twitterverse", I do NOT use either a pad or a smart phone......but everything that I see and hear indicates that the kids (and thereby the future laptop/desktop users) are all on Android - or if not Android then iOS. I've seen some articles indicating how desperate Apple is getting and that it is determined to destroy Android....but then I also know that Google is right behind Android and sooner or later Apple and Google are either going to have to reach an agreement or head for the MAD scenario.

As a corollary, I am totally, utterly and absolutely sick of the use of software and other patents to prevent reasonable commercial competition based on product quality. I didn't like Apple particularly before their patent suits, now I have a sincere detestation for all their products. Honourable competition is one thing, but deliberately destroying a competitor for the sole reason "that it is a better product" is quite another. Okay......I'm getting off me soapbox.

And I think you are spot on.....sooner or later (and sooner in my books) Android is going to be preloaded by the OEMS, purely because the kids are going to want it. And that spells enormous trouble for at least two big proprietary companies.

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