Yep. Copyright, Patent and Politics

Story: USPTO's Reality Distortion Field: Web Filter Blocks Critics Like EFF, Welcomes Maximalist LobbyistsTotal Replies: 0
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Sep 20, 2012
12:10 PM EDT
I'm not surprised. It is common to label those with whom one disagrees as disagreeing for "political reasons" rather than addressing their concerns. I'm sure I've made that mistake myself.

When a subject is taken over by government, it becomes something people fight about. No one fights about yogurt flavors, Pepsi doesn't strafe the drinkers of CocaCola. I've not yet heard of a suicide bombing by a BurgerKing devotee at a MacDonald's.

Oh well. I know very well there are positions in the discussion of Copyright law that are considered "political", so I will make none of them.

Hopefully, pointing out the sad fact of its political-ness can still be done at LXer, as this article is doing.

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