If this happens, it'll be awesome

Story: Parallella, A $99 Supercomputer Running UbuntuTotal Replies: 2
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Sep 28, 2012
6:28 PM EDT
Even if this Parallella project doesn't deliver, I bet we'll be waist-deep in similar ARM-centric multicore hardware before we know it.

Sep 29, 2012
7:30 AM EDT
Well, I hope somebody hurries it up! In the meantime I'll continue flogging my ancient P4 box thru yet another minefield of increasingly bloated FOSS-ware. No, M$ is not the only one immune to developer restraint. Yes, Linux keeps getting better, but the FOSS flourishers jes keep piling it on. I guess they go hand in hand. Oh well, at least I can still choose fluxbox. ;)

Sep 30, 2012
3:59 PM EDT
H-P has a 4U rack-mount with 2 or 4 drawers, each drawer has 18 slots for quad-core ARM's.

Some might call that "progress" but I'm withholding judgment for the time being.

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