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Story: Microsoft: TypeScript isn't a JavaScript killerTotal Replies: 0
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Nov 03, 2012
4:23 PM EDT
Quoting:"Unlike certain other languages that target JavaScript," Hejlsberg said, "we actually start with JavaScript, meaning that any valid piece of JavaScript code is valid TypeScript. You just cut and paste the code. ... "Before we declare [TypeScript] 'done,' if ECMAScript 6 moves to a different model, then we will likely follow, because we're still just a preview of what the final product will be," Hejlsberg said. ... The TypeScript language will undergo further changes, too. "

MS hasn't given up on trying to destroying JavaScript. It is back to its old ways of "Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish".

Any one knows what TypeScript offers over JavaScript that it worthwhile and can't be added to it and justifies its replacement?

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