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Nov 08, 2012
6:52 AM EDT
@Steven_Rosenber......can I get excited yet or is it STILL <Meh> ?

Okay......I am being naughty, and I apologise. But this is marvellous and accelerating. I wonder where it will end ?

Nov 08, 2012
7:16 AM EDT
There's a whole bunch in the pipeline too that have not been made part of the beta yet.

Looking forward most to Crusader Kings II. It's a grand strategy game set during medieval times and your goal is basically conquest through politicking (family and state), war and whatever else was the staple of the time.

EDIT: Eurogamer just ran this piece with a collection of game developers chiming in about why Windows 8 is bad for them.

Sad truth though is that they have to go where the users go, no matter how unhappy it makes them.

Nov 08, 2012
3:21 PM EDT
You have every right to be excited. I'm not, but don't let that stop you.

Nov 08, 2012
5:54 PM EDT
Ooohhhh.....THANKYOU, Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.......Never mind. :-) Actually, like I said elsewhere, my son loves games and I cannot even become interested, let alone excited. But if gaming brings Linux to the desktop, it's great in my view.

Nov 08, 2012
7:57 PM EDT
Like I've mentioned elsewhere, if the Steam/Linux Bromance keeps driving (sorry) video card improvements like it has with the latest Nvidia 310 driver, I personally would consider Linux adaptation a secondary benefit. They've done some amazing things for the Gforce series in 310

Nov 08, 2012
9:07 PM EDT
Ken I sent you a PM in reply to Yours. Where we are caped if terrible for wireless broardband, won't be on line much.

Nov 09, 2012
11:01 AM EDT
OK TA, Gotcha.

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