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Story: Conroy backs away from internet filterTotal Replies: 2
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Nov 08, 2012
9:32 PM EDT
I particularly wanted to see this article reach LXer because it underlines so horribly well the calibre of the people sometimes placed in positions of authority in Australian Government. For Conroy to have even suggested this ridiculous scheme (which was attacked, satirised and lampooned from one end of the internet to the other) simply indicated how little this Communications Minister understood fundamental internet structures. There's a general sigh of relief that he has finally discarded this idea.

As a general final comment, if ever there was reason to suggest that an important technical government portfolio should NOT be held by a person who does not have the qualifications to understand what he is doing, this is the best example of it so far.

Nov 08, 2012
10:53 PM EDT
That's because in political milieus, "Communications" is often just a prettier synonym for "Public Relations".

Nov 08, 2012
11:08 PM EDT
Know what BernardSwiss ? Very sadly, I think you are right.

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