connect to server is still part of Nautilus err Files

Story: GNOME 3 update: 'Connect to Server' lives in GNOME 3.5/3.6, I rant about features being moved and removed, and I fix my GNOME 3.4 problem in Debian WheezyTotal Replies: 0
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Nov 21, 2012
11:55 AM EDT
You can access this function with Nautilus/Files running, you just have to click on the Files or Nautilus "icon" in the top panel of gnome shell near the activities button. Clicking on that "icon" brings up a dialogue of connect to server or quit etc. So it sort of functions as a sudo global menu except for only certain options. Very hidden, not intuitive, and inconsistent behavior compared to other apps. So poor choice from the GNOME devs.

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